January 2019

North Notts Arena



North Nottinghamshire Community Arena were in need of a new website in order to better display the centre's information, activities on offer and various events. Although they already had a site, it was unorganised and difficult for them to make changes.

North Notts Arena

The Problem

North Notts Arena had a website already, however, its age was beginning to show and their existing Content Management System was clunky and awkward to use. As well as this, the desktop and mobile versions of the site were separate!

They used the website in order to provide the public with information surrounding events and sporting opportunities, activities and workshops. However, due to the limitations of their Content Management System, all events displayed on one, very long page.


Our Solution

That's where MediumSuite came into play. We consulted with North Notts Arena and built a website which resolved all the issues they had with their existing site, first and foremost using our in-house CMS.

We built a website to their exact specification, completely from scratch with no pre-built themes. Events are now split into their own individual pages allowing direct linking when sharing on social media, as well as a huge amount of new features and much more modern styling.






January 2019

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