eCommerce/Online Store Solutions

Let your online store reach the top of the foodchain with our eCommerce solutions.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce put plain and simply is a fancy term for an online store. It allows your business to reach thousands more customers, providing endless opportunities for your business to grow either nationally or even worldwide.

There's plenty of cheap eCommerce platforms out there already, that often take cuts and don't offer much flexibility. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Our eCommerce sites have generated 100s of 1000s

Maximum accessibility, no matter the device

Lightning fast performance, incredibly important

Google ranks our average User Experience Score at 94/100

Our eCommerce sites are designed from scratch

The Process

You're kept in the loop from the initial consultation, to a finished product.

1. Initial Consultation

We'll perform in-depth analysis the business market you're aiming to break into or improve your presence in.

We'll then sit down with you and work out your exact requirements to a tee and ensure we stick to your business' style and values.

2. Concepts & Drafts

Based on the specification compiled in the initial consultation we'll put together a first concept/draft.

We'll go through the initial concept with you, focusing on user experience and give you full freedom to pick and choose what you do like and don't.

3. Finalisation & Testing

We've glossed over the part where we spend countless hours coding your eCommerce website from scratch.

We'll go over the entire online store and make sure that you're one-hundred percent happy, as well as performing intensive usability and performance testing.

4. Go Live!

You're happy with the eCommerce site, how it works and all your products or services are listed.

We carry out a lot of technical bits in the background and your online store is now live. Cloud-hosted on our servers, all technical needs are covered.

Expand Your Business

An eCommerce site can be a brilliant way to expand your business outside of the few physical locations you currently have. And we're the best people to provide it.

We've created and host eCommerce sites that turnover tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds every year, and we're just getting started. With fully custom designs and extensive testing you can't go wrong.

Sound good? Whether you've got a few dozen products or a few thousand, we can craft a solution to suit your business. And with custom designs, it'll fit your branding perfectly.

Responsive Design

We'll never create an application that isn't accessible by as many users as possible. A huge step in ensuring this is using responsive design when creating applications.

Responsive design refers to how well an application adapts and adjusts itself depending on the screen size of whatever device it is being accessed on. From laptops to tablets to smartphones.

We ensure that all of our applications adapt so well they can be interpreted as a native experience. What we mean by this is, on a laptop it'll look like a website. but on a phone it'll look like an app.

Lightning Fast

We love creating eCommerce sites that are blisteringly fast. That's why all of our sites take advantage of the latest and greatest web technologies in improving performance.

This is especially important in the world of eCommerce, and with our average performance score according to Google being 4x that of the 70 leading retailers' need we say any more?

US supermarket giant Walmart noticed an increase in sales of 1% for every 0.1 seconds faster that their site performed. It makes a huge difference, and you can cash in on it.

Fully Secure

It's more important now more than ever to ensure your online store is as secure as possible. We invest huge amounts of time and resources into ensuring just that.

You'll have seen the stories in the news of big companies leaking customer data. Not only does it cause a total lack of confidence in your business, it costs incredible amounts of money to correct.

We absolutely under no circumstances store customer's payment details on our servers. There's no need to store anything other than your customers' basic information, protecting them from data breaches.

Karl Burton

Karl Burton

"Medium have done an absolutely brilliant job on my website, clean and simple just as required. It even integrates with my CRM system!"

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